You have reached the website of Regalis hamster breeding and that's a fine thing, really! I breed Russian dwarf Winter Whites (also known as djungarian hamster) in normal and sapphire pearl colour. My breeders prefix 'Regalis' is registered by Finnish Hamster Club and Finnish Rabbit And Rodent Association since 29 March, 2011. Regalis means 'regal' or 'royal' in Latin and I prefer the Latin pronunciation. Several Regalis Winter White litters are born every year, and I attend most of the hamster shows the Finnish Hamster Club organizes, working oftentimes as a secretary to both Finnish and foreign judges. Besides the Finnish Hamster Club, I am also a keen member of the Midlands Hamster Club in United Kingdom.

I have been breeding Winter Whites since 2004. Nowadays I have about 15 to 20 hamsters in my hamstery. My breeding animals are also my dear pets, of course, and that is why I try to limit the headcount to twenty-odd. My goal is to breed healthy, sociable winter whites that are both good-natured and good-looking, and suitable both as pets and breeding hamsters. I have also lived in United Kingdom and thus I am well acquainted with the National Hamster Council and the British hamster clubs and shows. I have imported Winter Whites from United Kingdom and Sweden and exported Regalis hamsters to Sweden and mainland Europe, some of which have excelled at local shows.

Due to limitations both in time and resources, this is the only page in English in my website. You certainly can explore the links aside and I believe that you can sort them out with for example the Google Translator. We are also on Facebook and, on Regalis Hamstery's Facebook page, I am publishing our news also in English as well as more photos. Furthermore, I suggest that if you have any questions or whatever in your mind, feel free to send me an e-mail!

Sie können mich auch auf Deutsch kontaktieren. / Du kann också kontakta mig på svenska.

Ms Karoliina Ylinen

Muurame, Central Finland
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